My recent trip to Peru, and a Christmas eve spent on Machu Picchu was the inspiration I needed.  The rivers currents carried me here on a whim with less than 2 weeks planning and a book from the library. 

It never ceases to amazing me that when you feel centered, the world will shake and remind you just how small you really are! Machu Picchu was nothing short of amazing. It had been raining all week and upon completion of the hour hike up, it was as if the clouds parted for a fantastic day! Within 2 hrs of going back down the mountain to my train out of Agua Caliente...the rain began again! The drops were soothing and aided in reflection of the day as I gazed out the window, enjoying my passage through the sacred valley back to Cuzco!
taken by photographer Wade Stubbs - ( - two aussies traveling by motorbike from circle to cirlce... a site worth checking out.

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